Over 500,000 Line Items Available

VMI Solution

Some products simply don’t fit well with aVending Solution”.

Although a vending solution can be a perfect fit to better manage and control direct and indirect materials, some products do not have the routine usage needed to make a vending solution a cost savings tool, while other products simply “don’t fit” into the slots, coils or containers well because of their size or configuration.

With , you will receive all of the VMI experience of our Vendor Managed Inventory division,.

As a leader in the distribution of OEM component parts, Purchase Partners Management System delivers an integrated program that eliminates waste, seeks simplicity, and streamlines the evolution of procured part to consumable.

Our VMI Uses Specialized Scanning Systems that create unique bin stocking identification numbers, identifying import replenishment data such as plant location/ address, production line or stocking location, customer part number, our part number, full description, stocking quantity, and much more. 

Our VMI Personnel Will Organize and Monitor Your Inventory on a Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly or Bi-monthly Basis.  The finer, personalized details of each VMI program implemented by Purchase Partners are unique to each customer, while our VMI framework is a consistent, solid foundation for success.


Full Control  

Maintain full control of the ordering process and your company's spending levels.  Purchase Partners VMI inventory specialists are on-site, keeping your inventory levels at a minimum while conducting inventory scans as needed. Prior to delivering replenishment shipments, you will receive an e-mailed order confirmation of the exact quantities and parts staged for delivery.